Getting a Clue

This weekend was spent with Shad and Lynette. That seems to be a common way for us to spend our weekends now that they have made the move to Colorado, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of us love to play games, browse at the Walmart, eat at RockBottom Brewery, and watch movies so it works out quite well.

This weekend we played Clue and Life. In fact, they bought the game Clue for us since we enjoyed playing it so much last weekend. Clue is a game I remember playing as a child, and it is still SO much fun. Now that I am older, I am much better at deducing who has what cards even when it wasn’t my turn to do the asking. In fact, all four of us have come up with our own detailed system to logically eliminate suspects one by one whether it is our turn or not. These elaborate systems include a complicated graph (Greg of course) and printed pieces of paper from a computer (Shad) with different logical ways to figure out the culprit. Lynette and I fall somewhere in between their nerdy systems, though we haven’t fallen prey to creating our systems on a computer quite yet. We have all gotten pretty skilled at the game, in my opinion. Each time someone says their guesses out loud, the other three of us have our heads bent down over our papers marking out our deductions based on their guess.

So yeah, that was our weekend. Maybe we need to get a Life.

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  1. Jen Allen says:

    Yeah…I need a life too! I hear you there. Seems like I really have nothing interesting to update my blog with anymore because I’m on a routine & nobody wants to hear about that!

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