Initialize the Nebulizer

I just had to take that quote from Jeff’s earlier comments.

Here is an example of a Nebulizer. Instead of a mouthpiece, we have a mask that Adrianna wears due to her age. Apria Healthcare brought the unit to our door on Tuesday (in their big Apria Healthcare truck) and demonstrated for us how to use it. I thought that was pretty good service.

Nebulizer Example

The nebulizer treatments are going well. Now that Adrianna is getting used to the treatments, she is patient for about the first 30-45 seconds. Of course each treatment last 5 minutes…
Adrianna's Nebulizer Treatments

After that, the fussing starts. No real tears anymore though. It is pretty much just her way of letting us know she is not happy about being restricted. Greg holds her in his lap for the treatments while I hold the mask up to her face.

Adrianna's Nebulizer Treatment

Adrianna's Nebulizer Treatment

I think the treatments are helping though. She does still have some coughing fits that make me nervous, but they seem to be occurring less than they were a few days ago.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    The pictures tell the whole story dont they? I am glad the treatments are helping.

  2. Angela Nash says:

    Can I please use the image of Adrianna crying during her nebulizer treatment for a slide presentation on respiratory problems of children? I will only use it to teach nursing students.

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