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This week I found a blogring for Grace University. I thought that was pretty cool, so I joined it. I have looked at some of the members though, and it appears they are all current students. They are all born in 1985 and thereabouts. That sure makes me feel old. I haven’t been out of college that long; just six years! I was a little bummed not to see any Grace alumni (so far). Oh well. I guess the current crop of youngsters are more web savvy than many of the people my age. I remember when I was at Grace, I spent a lot of time in the computer lab and created my own personal website and then influenced others to do the same. And then of course inspired Greg to also get involved with web design. I know, I brag about that a lot, but I am pretty proud of it. hehe.

I can only imagine what things will be like when Adrianna is older. She will probably know all kinds of cool internet stuff before she is even in high school, what with Greg’s and my interest in the web and how much we love our computers. (We each have our own computer you know so we can both be online at once, like right now. 🙂 )

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