Itsy Bitsy Spider

We have a little game we like to play with Adrianna where we will sing Itsy Bitsy Spider while walking our hands up her belly like a spider and tickling the whole way up. This often is met with giggles and shrieks. Sometimes she will initiate the song/game by walking her hand up her belly and requesting “ti-ti-tow,” which is her way of saying Itsy Bitsy Spider. (The “tow” is pronounced like the “tow” in towel.)

Speaking of spiders, I think I frightened Adrianna today by a reaction I had to a spider. We were sitting on the front porch when I spotted a spider only a couple inches from my face, dangling in mid-air. I immediately gave my spider scream and jumped back. Adrianna jumped back too and started pointing at the “tow.” She was then nervous about walking in the front door due to another spider on the wall nearby. I hope I haven’t scarred her for life with a fear of spiders.

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