Greggor is home

My sweet husband is home at last. Oh, Hallelujah! My days as a single mom are over.

Greg’s original scheduled flight from San Francisco was delayed so badly that he was going to miss his connecting flight from Seattle to Denver. So, his flight was changed to United and he then was able to get a non-stop flight back home, which put him back here at 4:30 instead of 6. I was quite happy with this arrangement, as it was one less flight to worry about and I got to see my sweetie quicker too.

I was so excited for Greg to get home. I dressed Adrianna up in a cute little dress and I made sure to fix my hair in a way that Greg likes. The drive to the airport was filled with anticipation. I saw a couple planes landing at DIA off in the distance and wondered if Greg was on one of those as I watched them descend.

As I got closer to the airport, Greg called me. He was ready and waiting outside. A minute later, I was pulling up to the “Arrivals” pickup area, and there he was. I swear my heart jumped a beat at the sight of him standing there, all tall and handsome.

*Sigh* I am so glad he is home. I don’t know how single moms do it. Not only was I incredibly lonely, I was also nervous at night and had a hard time falling to sleep without Greg by my side. I left many lights on throughout the house to create the illusion that someone *might* be awake in the hopes that it would discourage any ruffians from breaking and entering my house. I was also thankful to have my dogs with me. They are good company and they, along with our alarm system, could warn me if any unwelcome guests had entered the premises.

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2 Responses

  1. Jen Allen says:

    How Sweet :o) I’m glad Greg made it back safely! There’s just nothing like home.

  2. Shelley says:

    I know exactly what you mean. My husband was gone for 3 days this week and I had even started a post about being a single mom, but just never got around to finishing it because I didn’t have time!

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