Bathroom saga

The pregnant lady gets up from her desk, only to immediately come to the realization that now that she is standing, her baby is pressing intensely on her bladder. Danger is imminent – a bathroom must be found as soon as possible to avoid the unthinkable. She waddles out of her cube towards the nearest bathroom as quickly as possible, although to the casual observer she is still moving pretty slowly. Thankfully, no one stops to talk to her with the usual pregnancy comments of “You’re still here – you look like you are about to pop!”, as all her concentration now is focused on holding back the tides that are pushing with greater intensity with every step. She makes it to the only bathroom on her floor, only to be confronted with a “Closed for Cleaning” sign. AARGH. Praying that she can make to another bathroom, she uncomfortably manuevers down the staircase to the first floor. The bathroom is just ahead – only a few more steps. *sigh* Sweet relief…

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2 Responses

  1. cindypoo says:

    oh man amber…that had me on the edge of my seat!! the guy next to me was even reading over my shoulder w/ a concerned”whats next?!? does she make it?!” look on his face!

  2. shad says:

    that same exact thing happened to me today.. except for it wasn’t my bladder.. it was my colon.. and instead of a baby, it was an overdose of easter chocolate, and instead of making it… i.. didn’t

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