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Friday I had an HTML 1 class at New Horizons. Even though I already know some HTML, I decided to start with the first class just in case. It turns out though that the entire class was a review for me, which has it pros and cons. Con: I didn’t really learn anything. Pros: I now am more confident that I really do have a grasp on the fundamentals of HTML. Plus, the class was paid for out of a package deal through work, so no harm done. If my due date weren’t so near, I would take advantage of more web-related classes since work is footing the bill. I have one more class scheduled, although it isn’t totally web-related, and that is for Adobe Acrobat.

I still really enjoy working on website stuff. Did you know that in a round-a-bout way it is because of my original interest in web design that Greg got into it in the first place? Back in college, even before Greg and I started dating, I had my own personal website on Angelfire (before they got carried away with pop-up ads and such). He happened to come into the computer lab as I was leaving and hit the back button on the browser to pull up my site. Later, while we were dating, I took some actual web-related classes. Around this time, Greg started getting interested in the web design stuff too. I saw that he had such a natural talent for design and picking up the coding that far surpassed me, so I stupidly got intimidated and pretty much quit. Five years later though, I still enjoy it. Maybe I should get back into it, even though I know I could never catch up to Greg with his vast knowledge of different coding languages. Now I just need an idea of something I could add to our already existing site…

Thursday my parents were in town, so they stopped by after we got off work so that we could all go out for dinner. That was a lot of fun and it is always so good to get to see them. 🙂 My mom will be back in town on Sunday night, and I am looking forward to going shopping for baby stuff when she is here.

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  1. Karen Elaine says:

    Hey Amber, don’t forget who REALLY got you started in webpages! It was me! Just want the credit where it is due…:) I helped you start your first site (on Angelfire, before they got carried away with pop-up adds and such) Love ya!

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