I decided to try my luck in selling some items on ebay.com. I had previously had good luck selling some textbooks at half.com, ebay’s sister site where you set a price rather than using an auction style format, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to delve into the auction world. I decided to sell some of my old Christian accompaniment tracks that I know I will never use again. I didn’t expect to sell them for much, since they are mostly outdated and from the 90’s. However, I was pleasantly surprised that out of 7 auctions, 6 sold. And of those 6, several had more than one bidder which brought the price up. All in all, after shipping costs and auction fees, I came out with a profit of $24.76. Nothing to get rich off of, but quite a bit more than expected for items that were just collecting dust on my shelf. Also, working at Corporate Express, I was able to save some $$ on shipping/handling costs by buying my padded mailer envelopes using my employee discount. All in all, I am pleased with the turnout – it was kind of fun watching the bidding grow over the week my auctions were posted. I have at least 50 more tracks; I may just have to sell some more.

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  1. Karen Elaine says:

    Let me know which ones you don’t want first, I might want to buy them from you (or you COULD give them to me… 😉 )

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