Git! Excuse Me.

I mentioned a few posts ago that one of Adrianna’s new words is “Git.” Unfortunately she did learn this word from us, but it should be noted that only the dogs are ever the recipients of a “Git” when we say it. They have a bad habit of being underfoot or in prime seating areas on the couch.

Unfortunately, Adrianna still needs to learn when “Git” is okay. For instance, you can tell the dogs to “Git.” You can even tell your stuffed animals and dolls to “Git.” But you cannot tell Mommy to “Git.” Ever. Mommies don’t like to be told to “Git” by little children that they labored 24 hours over in order to bring them this world. Even if their little voice is awfully cute when they say it.

We are working on the acceptableness of “Git.” (Arguably, some may say it is never acceptable. But the dogs don’t get a vote and trying to teach Adrianna’s Daddy to no longer say it to the dogs may take some doing.) So when Adrianna tries to tell me to “Git” I calmly stand my ground and tell her, “You do not tell Mommy to ‘Git.’ You say, ‘Excuse Me.'”

She is getting better. Now I don’t even have to prompt her past the “You do not tell Mommy to ‘Git'” part before she is saying, “Shkoo-she.”

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3 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Hey Amber, I know you’re busy but I wrote a protected post that I wouldnt mind getting your opinion on when you have a second. I respect your thoughts and your Christian perspective. It’s not really important at all so no rush, just if you get around to it. Thanks.

  2. jamie says:

    thanks for reading and writing. I feel so irritated at this guy for so many things so I dont know if I want to write it bc I want to help or bc im just not going to send it tonight, i’ll pray about it some more. But one of the things that made me mad a while back was that he wrote to Javi, I’ll be praying for you guys while you guys decide whether to accept Christ into your lives. And I thought, dont include me in that bc I accepted Christ a long time ago. So that kinda sat wrong with me plus I thought it was rude to say that to Javi knowing that he’s a nonbeliever because as Javi put it, i should write back and say, we’ll I’ll be praying that you turn away from your God and realize that no god really exists. Now, he wouldnt have liked that very much, the same way J didnt really like what he wrote. I thought it was inconsiderate to write that in an email without really knowing J that well. J knows I pray for him but I dont do it in a way that makes him feel unaccepted, if that makes sense. And then now that he’s leaving Spain I feel like, you signed up for a year commitment and now you’re leaving before you year is up, what kind of example are you setting for your kids and then saying God lead you to move here and now God is leading you to move to Fl seems a bit convienent for me. I dont know what God has planned for them but it seems to me like it was too hard for him to live in spain because he feels useless bc he cant teach bc he cant speak spanish and that makes him feel impotent and weak and now he wants to leave where he can feel useful. Which is fine and valid but maybe God is teaching him humility. and that he is always the teacher and never the learner. He acts like he could never learn from me, the measly pew sitter, because he’s had 7 years of seminary. But that’s just not true. I can learn from a pastor or a non believer or from a new christian or old. God sends people in any form to teach us. Anyway, thanks for listening amber. I want to say something bc I feel like he needs to see it, but then is it coming from a good place or from me just being irritated?

  3. Karen says:

    You labored 24 hours huh…is this time going to constantly grow just like mom’s labor stories to you did? Next time it’ll be 25 hours and so on?? hehe. Love you! Hope the snow stops blowing so hard so we can make it up there to see you!!

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