At Wits End

Our friend Mark invited us to attend a show at the Wits End Comedy Club yesterday. (He had won free tickets.) This was my first time ever to go to a comedy club, and I quite enjoyed it. Some of the comics made me laugh more than others, but overall I was pleased with the show. The last guy had a lot of audience interaction (mostly making fun of audience members, but thankfully not us!) and made a lot of comparisons between men and women, which is always funny I think. Even though most of the comparisons were actually knocks against women, I found myself laughing quite a bit and agreeing with many of them.

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    hi amber, had fun surpizing you guys and having dinner together. I love that restaurant by the way, my dinner was very good. in fact i cant wait to have my left overs today! my dogs said they had fun seeing their cousins again too. and they were happy to also have the use of your backyard!

  2. Karen Elaine says:

    When did you surprize them mom? How come I never get surprise dinners?

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