Clutter & Painting

My house is so cluttered. I have always been a pack rat, and I don’t think Greg is much better. I have been trying to pack away stuff or give it away to my family or the Salvation Army as we get prepared to move, but I still haven’t seemed to make a lot of progress. I am noticing just how much stuff we have as we are getting rooms ready to paint. I am looking forward to moving to a new house sometime soon so I can get a fresh start.

Speaking of painting, we started painting our upstairs, with Shad and Lynette’s assistance. We finished our bedroom, Adrianna’s room, and the loft. The stairwell only needs one more coat. The computer room has yet to be done, but hopefully we will get to it soon.

I contacted a realtor to ask about commission charges. The average commission in Colorado is 5.5 – 7.0%. OUCH! There goes any profit from our sale. I realize that 2.8% of that would then actually go to the buyer’s broker, but still… Now I can really see the benefits of For Sale By Owner. I am thinking maybe that would be the route to at least try first. If it doesn’t sell, we can always hire a realtor later, right? The main thing that scares me in regards to selling our home ourselves is the whole paperwork side of things. And we would still need to hire a company to do the closing I think? And maybe a lawyer to look over the paperwork to make sure all is well? Sounds like a lot of hassle to me.

I guess it is time for us to do our research online and get ourselves educated. I love the internet.

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  1. momma says:

    when you find out whats involved in selling it yourselves then please teach Ken and I for when we go to sell our house!

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