4 More Years

Hooray, Bush won! 🙂

Greg and I both voted yesterday and were pretty proud of it. The polling place was at the school right by our house, so that was cool. We also only had to wait in line maybe a total of 2 minutes. Lucky us! We were disappointed that Salazar beat Pete Coors for Colorado Senate, but also were excited to see that most of the amendments that we voted for or against went how we wanted. Greg was also pretty tickled that there was one amendment that he and I voted differently on. He voted for Colorado’s Renewable Energy bill; I voted against. It passed. Actually, in talking with Greg afterwards, he had some good points as to why he voted for it. I voted against it because our energy bill is already so high, but taking Greg’s opinions on it into consideration, I am not upset that it passed. You know, our country is so great – I loved being a part of the whole democratic process.

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2 Responses

  1. cindy poo says:

    did u think it was neat how colorado was one of the last deciding states to come through? karen and i voted last week absenty, most the amendments i didnt understand so i voted against them, so its not like it would change. The smoking ban in laramie went through though, no smoking in restuarants, bars or public places. i think that is neat i didnt vote on that though since i voted for Platte.

  2. janis says:

    i thought is was great how 11 states had the “marriage between a man and women only ” and all of them passed!! i wish now that ALL of the states will put that up for a vote!

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