Workplace Move

Well, it is official. Our team is moving to another building on the 12th of this month. We are not happy about it, but I have resigned myself to the inevitable. The building is about 10 minutes away from our current building. I guess I will have to start packing a lunch every day-ick. My last 2 jobs have had cafeterias (and the ones before that had food easily available-grocery stores and pizza places are convenient that way) and I guess that has spoiled me. Also, it just seemed as this move, coming on the heels of the re-org announcement and all, was a bit weird. I mean, we had this big meeting with our new VP saying how excited they were for us to be a part of this new team and all, and then they move us to another building and out of the way like a red-headed stepchild. (The whole organization is not moving, just our immediate team.) Just seems as if the move counteracts their whole meeting and Happy Hour where they were trying to “welcome” us onto the team. Yeah, welcome to the team, now move out to this other building so we don’t have to see you every day.

On a positive note, Greg and I will still be able to carpool. It just will not be as convenient as it is now. Oh well. I guess now that I getting used to the idea, I am a *little* excited about a change too.

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4 Responses

  1. janis says:

    what do you have against red-heads???!!! hehe

  2. janis says:

    yeah i remember chloe was bad at chewing cause i USED to have some tv chairs but something happened to one of them!!hehe

  3. cindy poo says:

    amba- my hair i just dyed red last week? what do u mean? haha jk. packing lunch is alright though if u pack nutrious
    stuff i had to do it all summer. plus im not sure why ure bothered, its only for what 5 months then your on mommy leave for awile. 😀

  4. janis says:

    hehe still cant get over the red-headed stepchild…never heard that before.. i am glad i am not a red-headed stepchild!

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