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Daddy’s Little Girl

Adrianna is such a daddy’s girl. We will occasionally pay Greg a visit in his office upstairs during the workday. I will be holding Adrianna, but she then will try to push me away as she reaches for Greg.

There are also times during the day when we are downstairs that Greg will come down for a coffeebreak and a “baby-break” where he will hold and play with her for a few minutes before heading back to work. As soon as Adrianna hears him coming down the stairs, she starts looking up. When he rounds the corner and comes into view, her face often will light up.

Here is a picture of Adrianna looking up at her Daddy during one of these baby-breaks.

Adrianna looks up at her Daddy

Later in the evening, after the workday is all done, Adrianna helps Daddy play his guitar

Adrianna helps Daddy play his guitar

The Future’s So Bright

Adrianna discovered the sunglasses perched on Daddy’s head last night, so Greg put them on her face. She took them off and then tried to put them on Daddy’s face. Thus, the game began. Back and forth. Greg putting the glasses on her face. Adrianna taking them off and trying to put them back on Daddy’s face.

Here is Adrianna with Daddy’s glasses

Adrianna wearing Daddy's glasses

So we decided to get Adrianna’s sunglasses out.

Here is Daddy with Babyanna’s glasses on.

Daddy wearing Adrianna's glasses

And now Adrianna models her own pair of sunglasses

Adrianna and her sunglasses

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Bands I have seen in concert

Well, I have seen way more than 13 bands in concert over the years, but I guess I will write down some of my favorites.

  1. Nickel Creek. This was the best concert I have ever been to. I already dedicated a whole long post to them, so ’nuff said.
  2. Barenaked Ladies. Up until I saw Nickel Creek this month, Barenaked Ladies were at the top of my list. They are great entertainers. And my disclaimer, as Greg would say, “No, they are not barenaked nor are they ladies.”
  3. Cake. I love Cake. I love the band Cake too. They are such a unique band and the way their bass and drum lines play off of each other is wonderful. I always thought the lead singer sounded “hot,” but I was proved wrong (he’s not hot) when I saw him at the concert. Doesn’t decrease my respect for their talent though.
  4. DC Talk. I ‘ve seen them 3 times back in their Jesus Freak glory days. The first and second times were the best. At one concert, my friend Kristy and I could have sworn that Kevin Smith was looking right at us when he sang. Awww, the lovely highschool girl crush. I think we probably were swooning all over the place. I was going to marry Kevin someday, don’t you know!
  5. Five Iron Frenzy. I’ve seen them them three times. I thought Reese Roper was pretty darn cute and he had so much charisma and energy. Kristy and I were thrilled when we got to go out to eat with the band once after a concert. I still remember Reese making fun of Wyoming’s (where I grew up) state slogan at the time, “Like No Place on Earth.”
  6. Sixpence None the Richer. I’ve seen them twice. The first time was before they were really well-known and Kristy and I, along with some other friends, got to go out to eat with the band (all except Leigh). They were all so nice and friendly. Kristy had a crush on the sound tech and I thought Matt Slocum was pretty cute. The second time was when Greg and I went together (before we were dating), although we didn’t leave together. Long story.
  7. Reality Check. Through a connection at college, I was able to tag along with a couple friends, Brian Springer and Geoff Carlson, as they picked the band up at the airport in Omaha and drove them to their concert in Kearney. Several hours in a van with several hot band guys. I was in heaven. These guys were so down-to-earth and also put on a great concert. I love how they blend rap with rock. I think my friend Nathan Long is jealous of this concert experience to this day. 🙂
  8. REO Speedwagon. I wish I could say I saw them in their heyday, but I actually saw them just a few years ago. I still enjoyed the show. I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore is still one of my favorite songs. I also enjoyed watching all the people there (who are maybe 5-10 years older than I) who had reached into the backs of their closets for their old 80’s gear. At least I hope it was in the backs of their closets and not everyday wear.
  9. Seven Day Jesus. This was before Greg and I were dating, but we both happened to be at this concert. I tried to flirt with Greg and get him to dance, but no such luck. He was to darn shy.
  10. Audio Adrenaline (back in the day. Probably late 90’s)
  11. 311. Other than when part of my lower pant leg got puked on (by some stranger), this was a great and enjoyable concert. I liked the small venue; Sokol in Omaha. I saw quite a few concerts at Sokol, including one of the Five Iron Frenzy concerts and the Seven Day Jesus concert listed above.
  12. Carman. Though I am not crazy about his music as something I would listen to at home, he sure puts on a great entertaining concert. This was back in the mid-90’s.
    I also appreciated that the concert was free.
  13. Sugar Ray. In my defense, the tickets were free. I went with a friend of mine, Peaches, and I ended up really enjoying the concert. Not to mention that Mark McGrath is pretty good looking and fun to watch. Sugar Ray was actually opening for Matchbox Twenty, but I enjoyed Sugar Ray more.

After reading my list through, I sure sound like a lovesick schoolgirl and a huge flirt, don’t I? I should mention that many of these were during my pre-Greg days. And I was a big flirt back during my college days. But I have always had a thing for guys in a band. Just ask Greg. He was in a band when we first met. 🙂

Other Thursday Thirteens:

Works For Me Wednesday – Mess-Free Pan Greasing

Shannon over at started a pretty cool themed post for Wednesdays called “.” Here is how it works (in Shannon’s words):

“You know how it is–we all have come up with dozens of little shortcuts or ideas around our homes to make managing our lives easier. Maybe you came up with such an idea yourself in a moment of desperation, or you learned it from your mom or another friend…it doesn’t matter how it came about. What matters is that your life runs the tiniest bit more smoothly because of your clever idea…Think how much we could all learn from each other if we share our own little ideas!. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EARTH-SHATTERING. Just simple, affordable and designed to make the tiniest difference in your day.”

I am not much of a homemaker (ask anyone who has been to my clean but cluttered house) and I am not crazy about cooking either, but I thought I could round up a few tricks that I have up my sleeve. At least for a couple weeks.

So, for my first participation in the Works-For-Me Wednesday, I would like to share a little tip with you that my mom shared with me when she was teaching me how to cook.

When baking, many recipes call for you to grease a pan. While you could just spray the pan, sometimes you want to use good ol’ Crisco to make sure that it is greased well. Instead of getting your hands all greasy when wiping the Crisco around the pan, use a paper towel. Wad up the paper towel and dip one end into the grease. Then, take the greased end of the paper towel and use that to wipe the grease all over your pan. Throw the paper towel away when finished, and you have a nicely greased pan and no extra mess to clean off of your hands. Thanks to my mom for the tip. 🙂

Baby See, Baby Do

Adrianna is such a little mimicker. Nothing I do is safe from her observant gaze any longer. Today, I was not thinking and was playfully and lightly patting the dog with a toy that I had in my hand. No big deal right? Until Adrianna saw what I was doing. As soon as I came out of my tired-mom-not-really-paying-attention-trance and realized what I was doing, I sighed to myself. Oh, no. This poor dog is in for it. Sure enough, the moment I dropped the toy, Adrianna snatched it up and started patting Molly with it. I have to say that Adrianna was not as light in her patting of the dog as I was.

For her birthday, she received two baby dolls from her Grammy and Grampy. Twins, a boy and a girl, just like her new cousins that are due to be born later this year. Grammy fed one of the baby dolls with a toy bottle, and after seeing this, Adrianna now does the same. It is so cute seeing my baby feed her babies. She also likes to put the dolls’ bottle in my mouth too. Ever so thoughtful, that one.

Complimenting Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service can seem like a rarity these days. I know I find myself often grumbling under my breath as I leave a place that the checker/waitress/person behind the counter/you-name-it needs to take a class on customer service. Lately though, I have had great customer service at several places.

  1. Safeway – I was in a Safeway near my house last week and I think every single employee smiled at me and said hello. It was weird. I almost felt as if I should be checking a mirror to make sure I didn’t have a booger hanging out of my nose or to make sure the zipper on my pants was up. But it was really a nice shopping experience.
  2. Safeway – I was at the other Safeway near my house on Adrianna’s birthday, and several checkers and the bag boy wished her a Happy Birthday. On a later trip to pick up her cake, the deli guy was really helpful and helped me get it from the Bakery, which was already closed for the evening.
  3. McDonalds. I was at the drive-thru Friday afternoon, on my way home from work. The car in front of me was at the pick-up window (the 2nd window) and was obviously being a difficult customer and changing their order at the last minute even though they’d already gone through the ordering and payment process. One of those frustrating-types of customers that you hate to serve and hate to be behind in line because they hold everyone else up. What made my day: a young man came outside and quickly walked over to my car to hand me my order. Hooray – I didnt have to wait on the car in front of me. I felt that this was over and beyond the call of duty and it was greatly appreciated. I was on my way and didn’t have to wait on the annoying car in front of me after all.

All this to say that I want to take time out and start contacting store managers more often when I receive GOOD customer service. I know from my experience when I was a manager of Godfather’s Pizza that people often take time to complain far more than they take time to say “Thank you” and compliment good customer service received. When we did receive a nice comment, it was so encouraging that it would often increase our desire to please even more.

I am a person that works well when I receive positive feedback. It really is a motivator for me to continue to do good work and try to exceed expectations. One of my favorite jobs was Merrill Lynch. They were really good about recognizing and rewarding employee services to their internal customers.

So, with this in mind, I got on the McDonalds website and sent them positive feedback outlining my good experience there. I got a really nice email back from a representative that stated, “Thank you for taking the time to share your complimentary comments with McDonald’s. It’s a rare person who takes the time to compliment. Thank you for being that person!” They also said they would forward the compliment on to the specific location. Which of course made me feel good about sending them my regards and motivates me to do it more.

Spread the cheer. Let managers know when you receive good service. It can often make someone’s day much brighter.

Dabbling with Design

Well, I have decided to try my hand at some more web design. I re-designed my mom‘s site tonight. It is a very simple design and I kept the overall layout she already had. I made the background to look similar to the doggie bed in the header. Most of the colors from the site design are based on that doggie bed as well. She doesn’t know about the redesign yet, so I guess she will be surprised tomorrow. Don’t worry though; she gave me permission awhile ago to change things up on her site.

I have been redesigning a portion of a website at work lately too. I felt that it was badly needed. The existing site isn’t too pretty or user friendly as it currently stands. It also relies heavily on databases to generate navbars and dynamic pages too much in my opinion. While I know that databases can be very helpful and are needed for many websites, I don’t think you should design a site to generate everything on the site from tables in a database just because you can. Or rather, just because you know how to setup Dreamweaver to do it for you. (And I could go on and on about people who say they “know HTML” when in reality they only know how to use a program that generates HTML code.” And the site uses frames. Ick. Between the frames and the database-generated pages, it is impossible to link to or bookmark individual pages within the site. So I am getting rid of the extraneous database generation of navbars and such and replacing the code to instead have server side includes, which are a much better way (in this case) of being able to maintain different navbars in one spot. The current site also functions well in only Internet Exploder Explorer 6 and 1024×768 screen resolutions, so I am also remedying that as well. I am learning along the way, which is just icing on the cake for me. I love being able to find all the answers and tutorials I need on the web.

Adrianna’s Birthday Weekend in Review

Though Adrianna’s official birthday was on Thursay, April 20th, we waited until this past weekend to celebrate, as that is when her Grammy, Grampy, and were to be in town.

Friday evening we had hamburgers from the grill. Yum! Unfortunately though, our little grill is no more, as I accidently ran over it with our car. Twice. (It is a small, camping grill.) While it worked for us on Friday evening, it was rigged and held together by vice grips. In my defense, Greg had recently cleaned and rearranged the garage so the grill was in a spot it hadn’t been previously and it was so low to the ground that I couldn’t see it. The fact that I ran over it two separate times on two separate days, well, I have no further excuses, other than a disclaimer to say that it wasn’t intentional.

On Saturday, the washing machine repair man came out to fix our broken washing machine. Thank goodness – Babyanna was quickly running out of clean clothes. I was worried that I broke the washing machine too, since it pooped out on me when I was washing a small load of floor mats, leaving dirty water in the thing since it wouldn’t drain or go through the rinse cycle. It wouldn’t be the first time I have messed things up with that washing machine. A couple years ago, I washed a load that was too big for the machine which resulted in water leakage all over the floor. Instead of running into the drain in the floor, it decided to soak through the ceiling to the lower level instead. *sigh* Sometimes I think I am not cut out for all these domestic tasks. And did you know that fire alarms can also be set off when water runs through them? Well, now you do. At least ours did.

After the washing machine repair man left, it was off to the Colorado Mills Mall for an afternoon of shopping. Whenever I used to go to this mall, all my time and money was spent on clothes for myself. This time, I came back with two sackfuls of clothing for Adrianna and only one clothing item for myself. Oh, how our priorities change!

Saturday evening, we had dinner at Red Robin. I don’t know if it was the general noisy din of the place that encouraged it, or if it was just that Adrianna was tired, but the screeching baby returned. The only thing we could do to keep her quiet was to keep her little hands (and mouth) full of french fries. She loves those things.

Our evening was rounded off by a game of Big Boggle. Dave won, as usual.

On Sunday, we all went to our new church. After church, we headed to Cici’s Pizza for lunch. We figured that, being a place always full of kids, if screechy baby returned she would be in good company. For the most part though, she was pretty well-behaved.

After lunch, we headed straight up to the mountains. We drove around the Arapahoe National Forest near Idaho Springs and Evergreen.

Greg and Adrianna

It was a beautiful afternoon for a mountain drive. We were glad to see a herd of elk on our excursion. I love Colorado.

Greg was blowing on Adrianna’s hair, and she started to imitate him. Puckering up her little lips and blowing. Great, I thought. Maybe she can blow out her own candle. No such luck. By the time that dinner and caketime rolled around, we had a fussy baby on our hands. I think she was tired from our big day and the change to her routine. She was okay while we sang Happy Birthday, since she likes music and it usually calms her down. Once she had her first taste of cake, the fussiness stopped. She can be a dainty little girl sometimes, and wasn’t too crazy about getting her hands so dirty and sticky, but she ended up eating (or wearing) most of her cake by the end. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures right now, but when Grammy and Grampy email them to me I will post some.

So, all in all, it was a great birthday weekend. A perfect end to a wonderful first year.

Adrianna and the mean ol’ stairs

As I was getting our house ready to welcome company today, I forgot that we had removed the barrier we had at the bottom of the stairs that prevented Adrianna from climbing up them. The barrier had been a bass guitar case that was none too pretty, so Greg had regelated it to a new position in the basement. I went into the next room for what I thought was only a moment to get Adrianna a bottle, when I heard a THUMP, THUMP.

Immediately, I realized my error and ran back into the living room. There was my sweet Miss Banana sprawled on her back at the foot of the stairs. She started crying, hard. I felt horrible! I had neglected my poor baby, even though it was only for an instant, and she fell down the stairs. I don’t know how many she fell down, but I had heard two distinct thumps. Thankfully our staircase has a landing halfway up where you have to then turn 90 degrees to walk up the remaining half, so it wasn’t like she had fallen down a whole flight of stairs. Nonetheless, my poor baby was inconsolable for a few minutes as I held her close and rocked her and tried to soothe her. When I gave her the bottle, she was quieted. I couldn’t stop holding her though. I just had to hold her close to me as I realized the danger I had put her in by my carelessness. So she and I sat on the couch together for quite a long time. Me holding her while she sucked her formula down. After the bottle was gone, she was back to her normal, cheery self. She even tried climbing the stairs again several times this evening, so it must not have been too traumatic for her.

Of all the rotten luck. I climb those stairs with her (well, following her so I can catch her in case of a fall) all the time, and not once has she fallen. The one time I am not available, she takes a tumble. I hope she doesn’t have the Yergler clumsiness and freak accident curse. If she does, I am sorry that your mommy passed that on…

My Baby is a year old

Adrianna had her first birthday yesterday. We are celebrating it tomorrow with Greg’s family. They are driving out from Kansas for the event.

I cannot believe my little baby is a whole year old already. All day I kept thinking back to what we were doing a year ago. The labor and delivery. Seeing her for the first time. I am amazed at how far we have come.
Since we are postponing the party until tomorrow, we didn’t do anything extra special yesterday. It was just business and grocery shopping as usual. Although everyone at Safeway was kind enough to wish her a happy birthday and our childcare lady came over to say Happy Birthday too. (Which was when the whole Petey fiasco happened.)

Yesterday will also be a day to remember for my good friend, Lynette. A teenage girl got into a fight with her boyfriend and ran a red light (gunning it so that her truck was really moving fast!), smashing into poor, unsuspecting Lynette as she was on her way home from work. She is doing okay, but she has a fracture on her foot and some goose eggs on her head. Their car is most likely totalled. At least there were lots of witnesses who testified to the police as to what happened and helped Lynette out. And it was in front of an insurance agency, so some agents came out with their cameras to take pictures of the scene.


I was outside in my front yard, talking with my neighbor, Janette. All of a sudden, her dog, a large, golden retriever named Rudy, bolted across the street. He had spotted Petey, our orange tabby cat. He started chasing Petey around the side of our house. Let me tell you, I don’t know that I have ever seen that cat move so fast! He quickly climbed up a tree to get out of Rudy’s reach.

A few minutes later, after Rudy had been brought back to his home, the sprinklers in the greenbelt around the tree came on. First the dog and now the threat of water kept poor Petey up on his perch.

Adrianna and I left to go grocery shopping. Greg happened to call me on my cell phone, so I told him to go look outside and see if Petey was still up in the tree. He was. So Greg took some great pictures.

Petey in a tree

Petey in a tree

Petey didn’t look like he was coming down anytime soon, so Greg got out our hose and started spraying it into the tree to force encourage Petey to come down. He seemed wedged at first but finally he was able to get down by a “guided fall.” Poor kitty. He’d avoided the sprinklers (and the dog!), but got wet after all. Greg said that Petey gave him a look of “black hatred” before he ran off to lick himself dry.

Lots of Standing and a New Game

Adrianna has been practicing her standing skills quite a bit these days.She will boost herself to the standing position while in the middle of the living room floor with nothing to hold onto for support, and can stay in this position for about 10-15 seconds, after which she usually gets excited and plops back down onto her little bottom. Since she uses only her legs to boost herself up, and does it over and over, her little legs must be getting really strong. She can also toddle for about 2-5 steps at a time.

Here is my little princess in her princess nightgown.


Adrianna and Daddy (and Chloe)
Adrianna and Daddy

Adrianna’s new game is that she likes to put toys in my mouth. She will get right up in my face and be holding a toy up to my mouth, while opening up her own mouth as if to show me what is expected. When I open my mouth, she inserts the toy. It should be noted that they are not little, chokeable toys, but are large enough that the entire toy will not fit in my mouth. She just wants me to hold it with my teeth I guess. If I lean in closer to her, with the toy still in my mouth, she will also lean in and put the other end of the toy (that is still sticking out from my mouth) into her mouth, so that we both have a portion of either end in our teeth. Weird, but cute. We played this game over and over yesterday.


Right now, I can hear Greg’s voice drifting up the stairs. He is reading a book to Adrianna. I can hear him pointing out different things in the illustrations to her. I would have to say that this is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

Our Easter Sunday

It is so nice to have a church to go to again. We have been trying this new church out for a month and a half now, and I think we have decided that we are going to make it our new church home and start getting involved. I am excited about that.

After church, we had a nice Easter dinner at Old Country Buffet. After dinner and an afternoon nap for both Adrianna and I, us girls walked to the park while Greg went to Lowe’s to pick up some lumber for a new workbench he is building in our garage.

While at the park, Adrianna was able to play in the sand for the first time. She seemed to enjoy picking it up and then letting it pour through her fingers back to the ground. We also watched some other children having an Easter Egg hunt.

Adrianna plays in the sand

After we got back home from the park, I let Adrianna open up her birthday gift from us, just a few days earlier. It is a toy that makes noise and it also plays a bunch of fun tunes that Adrianna promptly started bopping and bobbing her head to. As you can see, she gives it a thumbs up.

Adrianna's new toy

Adrianna’s First Encounter with the Easter Bunny

Adrianna and I met my mom and my sisters in Cheyenne today for a girls’ day. We spent all afternoon shopping – what fun! We also ran into the Easter Bunny at the mall, so I shelled out an ungodly amount of money for a cute picture of the Bunny with Adrianna on his lap.
Adrianna and the Easter Bunny

I wasn’t sure how this daughter of mine would react to a huge, silent rabbit, but she wasn’t too fazed by him. I brought her over and let her look at him awhile as he waved at her and tried to appear harmless and not scary. She reached out her little hand and I figured all would be well. I set her down on his lap and she was fine. When they brought out the little bunny, she really started smiling.

We also made a quick stop by the pet store. Pet stores depress me. I always feel so bad for the poor dogs and cats that reside there. But I am always drawn in nonetheless to look at all the cute puppies. Adrianna really enjoyed watching the puppies today. She cried when we left because she wasn’t done observing them. We also looked at some birds, and when I told her they were called, “Birds” she said something to the effect of “Bah.” Being as “Bah” is not a normal part of her vocabulary, I am pretty sure she was trying to imitate my saying “Bird. See the Bird? Bird. Pretty Bird. Can you say Bird? The birdie says, ‘Tweet, tweet.’ Bird.” to her over and over. Or maybe she was just letting me know that she understood. Yes, Bird – I get it mommy. You only have to name it once!