Complimenting Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service can seem like a rarity these days. I know I find myself often grumbling under my breath as I leave a place that the checker/waitress/person behind the counter/you-name-it needs to take a class on customer service. Lately though, I have had great customer service at several places.

  1. Safeway – I was in a Safeway near my house last week and I think every single employee smiled at me and said hello. It was weird. I almost felt as if I should be checking a mirror to make sure I didn’t have a booger hanging out of my nose or to make sure the zipper on my pants was up. But it was really a nice shopping experience.
  2. Safeway – I was at the other Safeway near my house on Adrianna’s birthday, and several checkers and the bag boy wished her a Happy Birthday. On a later trip to pick up her cake, the deli guy was really helpful and helped me get it from the Bakery, which was already closed for the evening.
  3. McDonalds. I was at the drive-thru Friday afternoon, on my way home from work. The car in front of me was at the pick-up window (the 2nd window) and was obviously being a difficult customer and changing their order at the last minute even though they’d already gone through the ordering and payment process. One of those frustrating-types of customers that you hate to serve and hate to be behind in line because they hold everyone else up. What made my day: a young man came outside and quickly walked over to my car to hand me my order. Hooray – I didnt have to wait on the car in front of me. I felt that this was over and beyond the call of duty and it was greatly appreciated. I was on my way and didn’t have to wait on the annoying car in front of me after all.

All this to say that I want to take time out and start contacting store managers more often when I receive GOOD customer service. I know from my experience when I was a manager of Godfather’s Pizza that people often take time to complain far more than they take time to say “Thank you” and compliment good customer service received. When we did receive a nice comment, it was so encouraging that it would often increase our desire to please even more.

I am a person that works well when I receive positive feedback. It really is a motivator for me to continue to do good work and try to exceed expectations. One of my favorite jobs was Merrill Lynch. They were really good about recognizing and rewarding employee services to their internal customers.

So, with this in mind, I got on the McDonalds website and sent them positive feedback outlining my good experience there. I got a really nice email back from a representative that stated, “Thank you for taking the time to share your complimentary comments with McDonald’s. It’s a rare person who takes the time to compliment. Thank you for being that person!” They also said they would forward the compliment on to the specific location. Which of course made me feel good about sending them my regards and motivates me to do it more.

Spread the cheer. Let managers know when you receive good service. It can often make someone’s day much brighter.

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3 Responses

  1. ieatcrayonz says:

    I remember an 80’s show (Head of the Class, maybe?) or movie (w/ the NCIS guy) where the hot dude wrote to a sunglasses company and they sent him a bunch of free samples. That always stuck with me. Lately, it seems as though I contact a company for bad service or atmosphere. I promise I’d write in if the McDonald’s employee would personally walk my food out, but I’ve never had that kind of thing happen!

  2. Jen Allen says:

    I try to put this philosophy in use too. The other day I almost called one of those “How’s my driving stickers” but then thought I could have an accident if I paid too much attention to dialing on my cell phone rather than watching the guy in front of me.

    I think having a manager come over to your table at a resturant is the best thing…they come over expecting a huge problem & then you drop a bomb on them by saying “I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the service was tonight. Our waiter was excellent. Thanks!” It does make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy-ish.

    Oh, and HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Adrianna. I’m sorry I missed it!

  3. I agree that you should compliment good customer service. I was amazed during a trip that a town I stopped at everywhere I went had the best service. It is a rarity these days to have such. It was actually Anderson, SC on my way to Asheville, NC. It means so much to have great service!

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