Thursday Thirteen – 13 Bands I have seen in concert

Well, I have seen way more than 13 bands in concert over the years, but I guess I will write down some of my favorites.

  1. Nickel Creek. This was the best concert I have ever been to. I already dedicated a whole long post to them, so ’nuff said.
  2. Barenaked Ladies. Up until I saw Nickel Creek this month, Barenaked Ladies were at the top of my list. They are great entertainers. And my disclaimer, as Greg would say, “No, they are not barenaked nor are they ladies.”
  3. Cake. I love Cake. I love the band Cake too. They are such a unique band and the way their bass and drum lines play off of each other is wonderful. I always thought the lead singer sounded “hot,” but I was proved wrong (he’s not hot) when I saw him at the concert. Doesn’t decrease my respect for their talent though.
  4. DC Talk. I ‘ve seen them 3 times back in their Jesus Freak glory days. The first and second times were the best. At one concert, my friend Kristy and I could have sworn that Kevin Smith was looking right at us when he sang. Awww, the lovely highschool girl crush. I think we probably were swooning all over the place. I was going to marry Kevin someday, don’t you know!
  5. Five Iron Frenzy. I’ve seen them them three times. I thought Reese Roper was pretty darn cute and he had so much charisma and energy. Kristy and I were thrilled when we got to go out to eat with the band once after a concert. I still remember Reese making fun of Wyoming’s (where I grew up) state slogan at the time, “Like No Place on Earth.”
  6. Sixpence None the Richer. I’ve seen them twice. The first time was before they were really well-known and Kristy and I, along with some other friends, got to go out to eat with the band (all except Leigh). They were all so nice and friendly. Kristy had a crush on the sound tech and I thought Matt Slocum was pretty cute. The second time was when Greg and I went together (before we were dating), although we didn’t leave together. Long story.
  7. Reality Check. Through a connection at college, I was able to tag along with a couple friends, Brian Springer and Geoff Carlson, as they picked the band up at the airport in Omaha and drove them to their concert in Kearney. Several hours in a van with several hot band guys. I was in heaven. These guys were so down-to-earth and also put on a great concert. I love how they blend rap with rock. I think my friend Nathan Long is jealous of this concert experience to this day. 🙂
  8. REO Speedwagon. I wish I could say I saw them in their heyday, but I actually saw them just a few years ago. I still enjoyed the show. I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore is still one of my favorite songs. I also enjoyed watching all the people there (who are maybe 5-10 years older than I) who had reached into the backs of their closets for their old 80’s gear. At least I hope it was in the backs of their closets and not everyday wear.
  9. Seven Day Jesus. This was before Greg and I were dating, but we both happened to be at this concert. I tried to flirt with Greg and get him to dance, but no such luck. He was to darn shy.
  10. Audio Adrenaline (back in the day. Probably late 90’s)
  11. 311. Other than when part of my lower pant leg got puked on (by some stranger), this was a great and enjoyable concert. I liked the small venue; Sokol in Omaha. I saw quite a few concerts at Sokol, including one of the Five Iron Frenzy concerts and the Seven Day Jesus concert listed above.
  12. Carman. Though I am not crazy about his music as something I would listen to at home, he sure puts on a great entertaining concert. This was back in the mid-90’s.
    I also appreciated that the concert was free.
  13. Sugar Ray. In my defense, the tickets were free. I went with a friend of mine, Peaches, and I ended up really enjoying the concert. Not to mention that Mark McGrath is pretty good looking and fun to watch. Sugar Ray was actually opening for Matchbox Twenty, but I enjoyed Sugar Ray more.

After reading my list through, I sure sound like a lovesick schoolgirl and a huge flirt, don’t I? I should mention that many of these were during my pre-Greg days. And I was a big flirt back during my college days. But I have always had a thing for guys in a band. Just ask Greg. He was in a band when we first met. 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Jen Allen says:

    You never went to any Springfield concerts? Those were pretty fun…I still have two T-shirts but I would love to get a CD from you guys because I’ve been telling Zack all about the “She really likes my cat, but not me” song. 😀

  2. Amber says:

    I thought about including them on my list. I guess I should have. Yeah, I did see Springfield a few times. Only once after Greg and I were actually dating though. They disbanded not long after Greg and I got together. I wasn’t a Yoko though. It was just coincidence. I have a t-shirt too. 🙂

    I love the cat song too – it is one of my all-time favorites. I can still remember them performing that song in Suckau Chapel long before Greg and I had ever really even met. I remember Sally and I were there together and then we walked to Con Agra and were talking about how much fun that song was. I would love it if Greg would start writing songs again. He is so creative!

    We will have to get you a copy of the CD sometime.

  3. Faith says:

    Fun list. I have never heard of Cake though!

  4. Peaches says:

    WOW – that Sugar Ray concert was a million years ago!!!! =)

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