Adrianna’s Birthday Weekend in Review

Though Adrianna’s official birthday was on Thursay, April 20th, we waited until this past weekend to celebrate, as that is when her Grammy, Grampy, and were to be in town.

Friday evening we had hamburgers from the grill. Yum! Unfortunately though, our little grill is no more, as I accidently ran over it with our car. Twice. (It is a small, camping grill.) While it worked for us on Friday evening, it was rigged and held together by vice grips. In my defense, Greg had recently cleaned and rearranged the garage so the grill was in a spot it hadn’t been previously and it was so low to the ground that I couldn’t see it. The fact that I ran over it two separate times on two separate days, well, I have no further excuses, other than a disclaimer to say that it wasn’t intentional.

On Saturday, the washing machine repair man came out to fix our broken washing machine. Thank goodness – Babyanna was quickly running out of clean clothes. I was worried that I broke the washing machine too, since it pooped out on me when I was washing a small load of floor mats, leaving dirty water in the thing since it wouldn’t drain or go through the rinse cycle. It wouldn’t be the first time I have messed things up with that washing machine. A couple years ago, I washed a load that was too big for the machine which resulted in water leakage all over the floor. Instead of running into the drain in the floor, it decided to soak through the ceiling to the lower level instead. *sigh* Sometimes I think I am not cut out for all these domestic tasks. And did you know that fire alarms can also be set off when water runs through them? Well, now you do. At least ours did.

After the washing machine repair man left, it was off to the Colorado Mills Mall for an afternoon of shopping. Whenever I used to go to this mall, all my time and money was spent on clothes for myself. This time, I came back with two sackfuls of clothing for Adrianna and only one clothing item for myself. Oh, how our priorities change!

Saturday evening, we had dinner at Red Robin. I don’t know if it was the general noisy din of the place that encouraged it, or if it was just that Adrianna was tired, but the screeching baby returned. The only thing we could do to keep her quiet was to keep her little hands (and mouth) full of french fries. She loves those things.

Our evening was rounded off by a game of Big Boggle. Dave won, as usual.

On Sunday, we all went to our new church. After church, we headed to Cici’s Pizza for lunch. We figured that, being a place always full of kids, if screechy baby returned she would be in good company. For the most part though, she was pretty well-behaved.

After lunch, we headed straight up to the mountains. We drove around the Arapahoe National Forest near Idaho Springs and Evergreen.

Greg and Adrianna

It was a beautiful afternoon for a mountain drive. We were glad to see a herd of elk on our excursion. I love Colorado.

Greg was blowing on Adrianna’s hair, and she started to imitate him. Puckering up her little lips and blowing. Great, I thought. Maybe she can blow out her own candle. No such luck. By the time that dinner and caketime rolled around, we had a fussy baby on our hands. I think she was tired from our big day and the change to her routine. She was okay while we sang Happy Birthday, since she likes music and it usually calms her down. Once she had her first taste of cake, the fussiness stopped. She can be a dainty little girl sometimes, and wasn’t too crazy about getting her hands so dirty and sticky, but she ended up eating (or wearing) most of her cake by the end. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures right now, but when Grammy and Grampy email them to me I will post some.

So, all in all, it was a great birthday weekend. A perfect end to a wonderful first year.

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3 Responses

  1. Myndi says:

    Hey Amber! How funny that you ran over your grill…I got a giggle out of that…:)

    Thanks for the link to Picasa. Downloaded it and can’t wait to start playing. Am planning to rig up the garage tomorrow just to have new pics to have fun with.

    Much love to you, Myndi

  2. ieatcrayonz says:

    Twice, huh? WOW. That’s all I’m saying.

    That, and that picture is AWESOME. Handsome hubs, beautiful kiddo, fits of jealousy over the scenery. You know it’s flatter than a pancake here, right?

  3. Peaches says:

    That is actually one thing I DON’T miss – is the mountains. lol! I am truely a Texas girl I suppose. =)

    Cute pic of Greg & Babyanna!! Greg looks so much better with long hair. =)

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