Adrianna’s First Encounter with the Easter Bunny

Adrianna and I met my mom and my sisters in Cheyenne today for a girls’ day. We spent all afternoon shopping – what fun! We also ran into the Easter Bunny at the mall, so I shelled out an ungodly amount of money for a cute picture of the Bunny with Adrianna on his lap.
Adrianna and the Easter Bunny

I wasn’t sure how this daughter of mine would react to a huge, silent rabbit, but she wasn’t too fazed by him. I brought her over and let her look at him awhile as he waved at her and tried to appear harmless and not scary. She reached out her little hand and I figured all would be well. I set her down on his lap and she was fine. When they brought out the little bunny, she really started smiling.

We also made a quick stop by the pet store. Pet stores depress me. I always feel so bad for the poor dogs and cats that reside there. But I am always drawn in nonetheless to look at all the cute puppies. Adrianna really enjoyed watching the puppies today. She cried when we left because she wasn’t done observing them. We also looked at some birds, and when I told her they were called, “Birds” she said something to the effect of “Bah.” Being as “Bah” is not a normal part of her vocabulary, I am pretty sure she was trying to imitate my saying “Bird. See the Bird? Bird. Pretty Bird. Can you say Bird? The birdie says, ‘Tweet, tweet.’ Bird.” to her over and over. Or maybe she was just letting me know that she understood. Yes, Bird – I get it mommy. You only have to name it once!

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4 Responses

  1. Jared Adamo says:

    Hey Amber,
    Thanks for the post on my site, and may I extend my congratulations on having such an adorable child of your own.

    God bless,


    P.S. I’ll Jacob and Sarah that, and I’m sure they return it.

  2. Jen Allen says:

    That is a pretty good looking Easter Bunny. We were at the mall yesterday and they had the saddest looking Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen. I commented that “this is the skinniest Easter Bunny ever”. I’m glad Adrianna was not scared of him!

  3. Janis says:

    I am so glad I got to be there to see Adrianna’s expressions with the Easter Bunny! so cute! I can tell you and greg are doing a great job in raising her, she is so easy going and already has such a sweet personality 🙂

  4. Karen Davis says:

    It reminded me of when Bambi was trying to say the word “Bird.”

    It was so much fun shopping with my sistahs, momma and baby neice!

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