Super Mario Pictograph

For our Math curriculum, we are using Saxon Math. The recommended assignment for Friday was to create a Winter Activities pictograph, graphing favorite indoor vs. outdoor winter activities. When making my lesson plans the night before, I decided that it would be a lot more fun for Adrianna to make a Super Mario pictograph instead.

In her work box, I put 8 squares I had cut out of some light blue card stock. When she opened that drawer, she was instructed to draw 8 of her favorite Mario characters. (I did not include the chart I’d made for the project nor did I tell her what we would be doing with the drawings, as I didn’t want to skew the results in any way.)

After she had drawn 8 characters, I gave her a glue stick and the chart and told her we were going to make a pictograph and that she needed to graph out the “good guys” on the first line and the “bad guys” on the lower line.

Final result – Good Guys 5 (Mario, Princess Daisy, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad) vs. Bad Guys 3 (Goomba, Bowser, Magikoopa).

Mario Pictograph

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