It’s a girl!

Well, we finally got our ultrasound yesterday. The baby looks healthy and is very active, moving ar0und a lot. The lady doing the ultrasound said the baby looks like a girl or is a “very sneaky boy.” When she pointed out what she was going off of to make her determination of the sex, I could see why the baby looks like a girl too. So we are probably 85% sure that she is a girl. I guess we can start picking out girl names and go shopping now! Plus, this whole thing seems so real now after seeing her. We put her ultrasound pics in our photo gallery.

When we got there, they didn’t have an appointment for us though. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t help but start crying. (Pregnancy really does screw up your emotions!) I was already disappointed about not getting an ultrasound at my doctor’s appt, that to have my hopes dashed twice when I had looked SO forward to this was just too much. Greg actually thought it was kinda funny though; we had just watched the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating this girl that cries all the time. She cried when she dropped her hotdog on the ground, at movies, etc. So he thought it was funny that the very next day his wife would cry at the drop of a hat and tried to do the whole fake “There, there” comforting that Jerry did in the episode. At least the radiology office was able to squeeze us in for an appointment or I would have been a mess.

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2 Responses

  1. cindy poo says:

    well the name is already picked. cindy of course. now just picking out baby stuff…hmmm;)

  2. janis says:

    i updated my blog!! 🙂

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