Water Fountain

Today Adrianna and I visited a water fountain with her friends from childcare. I never realized this free place was there and so close by. The water shoots right up from the ground and is made for kids to run through. It seems to be a popular place for moms with young kids.

Adrianna is fascinated by water, but she was still pretty hesitant about getting near it at first. Even when I carried her through the water, she was still scared and would not let me put her down. But after watching the other kids having a good time in the water, her curiosity got the best of her and she joined in the fun. The water shoots up pretty high so she still stayed on the outskirts and preferred to stay near me or her big “brothers” Sean and Shane, who she adores. I think they really like her too.

Adrianna with her big brothers

After a moment of bravery, she would run back to where I was sitting on a bench to work up her courage again or to snack on goldfish crackers.

Adrianna plays in the water

When we got home after playing in the water, it was nap time. As soon as Adrianna woke back up, she was chattering about the water.

This evening we went to Toys ‘R Us to buy some new toys for Adrianna. She loves trains so we thought it would be cool to get her a little train set. Greg also wanted to upgrade her Legos from Lego Quatro to Lego Duplo now that she is older. Although I think he really just wanted the Legos for himself.
Greg loves Legos

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7 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    She looks like she’s having some serious fun!

    As for Greg, I don’t know what it is about guys & Lego’s but Zack has been eye-balling this Lego set online for months now. I think that will be his birthday present from me & the guy couldn’t be happier with any other gift.

  2. cyergl says:

    Amber, i think i know where that fountain is, is there a tall hotel across the road from it? We stayed there for that bachelorette party…

  3. Amber says:

    Yep – that is the one.

  4. Mandy says:

    I want to got to the water fountain! It looks like so much fun! 🙂

  5. jamie says:

    Last year when we were in AL, we went to the zoo and they had something similar. It wasn’t as big though, which is kind of nice. I wish they had something like that here. I know E would love it. We’ve been going to the pool a lot and he loves it. He kicks his legs really well but when we tell him “las manos tambien” he literally only does his hands and he just opens and closes his hands but doesn’t move his arms. It’s pretty cute though. How’s Adrianna doing with the potty? E is doing really well. I think when I have time off from work (July 14-August8) we’ll just take his diaper off (except at night) and see how he does. He often asks to go potty and when he doesnt and I ask if he went peepee in his diaper he will say yes. So at he knows when he’s doing it. The poop is a bit more difficult. We’ve spent a lot of time lately with, ethan saying the caca is coming and we run to the potty and then he sits for 2 seconds and then he stands up and says, “no, no sale” (no, it’s not coming) and then a minute later “si, sale” and we run to the pot again only for it to “no sale
    again and so on and so on for about an hour until we say, ok put your diaper kid, because we’re tired of running to the pot. He’s funny about it though because he’ll push and grunt but if it’s not out in 5 seconds, he’s back up and running around again.

  6. jamie says:

    By the way,I love the horse sleeping picture. That’s way too cute.

  7. Mindy says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog!! What cute water photos!! 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

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