Crayola Nibbles

Adrianna is sitting on a stool at the island while I make dinner. She is happily drawing on paper (and occasionally the island) with her crayons when I catch her putting one of her crayons in her mouth.

Me: Adrianna, no! No crayons in your mouth.
Adrianna: [Silent stare while she takes the crayon out of her mouth and then puts it right back into her mouth.]
Me: Adrianna. Mommy said ‘No!’ Take the crayon out of your mouth or you are done drawing.
Adrianna: [More toddler silent stubbornness ensues]

So to keep my word, I take the crayons away and take her off the barstool. This brings an end to the silent game of wills and is replaced by angry toddler tears.

After letting her cry it out, I kneel down to talk to her about what just happened.

Me: Honey, when Mommy says ‘No,’ you have to listen. Mommy doesn’t want you to eat crayons. We don’t put crayons in our mouth.
Adrianna: [Nods head]
Me: Okay. Are you going to put the crayon in your mouth again?
Adrianna: Yesh.
Me: No sweetie. No crayons in your mouth. Are you going to put the crayon in your mouth again?
Adrianna: Yesh.

Is it possible to sigh and laugh at the same time? I think I just did.

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3 Responses

  1. Rhonda says:

    They are just so stinkin cute it is so hard not to laugh when things like that happen 🙂

  2. momma says:

    That made me laugh too! hey, but if she does eat some crayons, she can have some pretty rainbow poop like your brother did!!

  3. Jen says:

    That is such a funny story!

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