Ring Around the Rosies

It has been a busy couple of days, filled with lots of playing for Adrianna. Yesterday Greg’s old college roommate and friend, Tim Kroeker, visited with us for the evening, along with his family. He and Amee have four children, ages 2-9. Normally she is shy around men at first, but not so with Tim. Adrianna warmed up to Tim immediately; it was like she could tell he was a father because she brought him several of her bears right away. We all went out for ice cream and then played near a nice fountain afterwards. Adrianna was all smiles as she played with the Kroekers’ kids. She does a pretty good job keeping up with the older children.

Today we went to the park with Janette and a couple other children from Adrianna’s childcare group. One of the other kids, Rachel, is Adrianna’s age. They played “Ring around the rosies” and each time would collapse on the ground in giggles at the end. It was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Adrianna is a little monkey. I cannot believe some of the bars she climbs up to get to the higher slides, sometimes as tall as myself. It makes me very nervous and proud at the same time.

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