Sew very much to learn

I decided to sign up for a beginning sewing class. I am pretty excited about it. The class is on Saturday, so today Adrianna and I were busy buying all the supplies I need. Thankfully, the lady at the cutting counter of Jo-Ann‘s was really patient and helpful, since I have NO idea what I am doing. She helped me pick out a fabric (since the original one didn’t have enough left for the pattern I will be using) and explained a few things to me as she went. I still have a couple more things to buy; I had to leave the store before I was finished as Adrianna began to get antsy in anticipation of it being naptime.

In my class we will be making a jacket/vest and capri pants. Pretty cool. I am so clueless about sewing, so hopefully I will learn lots!

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  1. Janis says:

    Thats great umber! I remember taking a class when I was about your age too. I made a dress. unfortunately I didnt keep up with it and forgot alot of it. hope you can keep sewing and make lots of cute outfits for Adrianna too. And I also hope that you enjoy it and can then pass on your knowledge to Adrianna. That would be a nice thing you and she can do together when she gets older.

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