Playing with Water & Play-Doh

Adrianna enjoys digging in the kitchen drawers and pulling out my measuring cups and spoons. She finds them to be great entertainment. Often times, the dogs’ water bowl is involved even though she knows that it drives me crazy and it isn’t allowed.

Playing with Measuring Cups Playing with Measuring Cups

Since she enjoys water so much and likes transferring water from bowl to bowl or cup to cup, on Thursday I decided to fill a big mixing bowl full of CLEAN water (not DOG water!) and we went outside so she could play with the water to her little heart’s content. And play she did. By the time we were done about an hour later, the bowl was almost empty of water and her clothes and our sidewalk were very wet.

Playing with Water Playing with Water

Afterwards, we went out to Red Lobster for dinner with my mom, dad, and Brian.

On Friday, I bought Adrianna her first set of Play-Doh.

First Set of Play-Doh First Set of Play-Doh
First Set of Play-Doh First Set of Play-Doh

And today, she played video games (Katamari Damacy) with Greg. Just don’t tell her that it is a one-player game so that her controller really wasn’t controlling anything.

Playing Video Games Playing Video Games

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    It was fun watching Adrianna play in the water. And watching you pulling weeds. wish I would have got that picture of you I wanted to take! hehe

  2. jamie says:

    I love the new bedroom furniture. Im jealous. We so need some new furniture, it’s pathetic. E is the same way with water and bowls. He loves it. Hey, I wanted to ask you about tithing. Another xanga girl brought it up the other day and it made me realize that we dont tithe our 10% and everytime I think about it, I feel guilty but then wonder how in the world we’re going to have any money left over at the end of month if we tithe 10%. I know that sounds terrible and selfish and was just wondering what your thinking is.

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