Lots of crying and naptime

I have been wanting to start Adrianna on a regular nap schedule for awhile. But between all these trips this summer and her unwillingness to nap anywhere but her swing, in my arms, or her carseat (when we are out and about), I haven’t had any luck.

After a really rough afternoon, I finally got her to sleep in her crib. She had been really fussy for more than an hour. So fussy that she didn’t even want to eat, which is unusual for her. The only way she was happy is if I was holding her. And not just holding her, but I had to be standing and holding her. After ruling out the normal baby things such as hunger, gas, and teething pain, I determined that she was most likely over-tired. So I put her in her crib. She cried and cried while I tried and tried to get her to stop. I tried the mobile. She was okay until the music stopped. I tried her busy bee. Worked for a few minutes and then she was off again. I pulled out Droolie. Didn’t work. She wouldn’t even open her eyes from crying so hard to even notice him. I turned on the Pooh. It didn’t seem to help at first, but I think the white noise it provides eventually helped lull her to sleep. *sigh* She has now been asleep for maybe 7 minutes and I am hoping it will last.

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