Beautiful Day

Thank you all for your prayers for Karen. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is going to stay with my other sister, Cindy, when Zach is out of town for his pharmacy school rotation. She goes to see a neurologist next week for further tests.

Today is a beautiful day. Adrianna and I are outside in our backyard. She is happily playing with a large bowl of water and several cups while I am on my laptop. We are happily chattering away about tairtanes, bees, ants, and wawa. We have also entered the questioning stage full force, and everything is, “Dat Mommy? Dat Mommy?” (What’s that?) We also are starting to hear, “Mommy, wats. Mommy, wats.” (Mommy, watch.)

The dogs are happy to be outside as well. Chloe is busy exploring the yard and Molly is content to sit beside me on the step and just let her nose explore the breeze. We discovered this year that there is a lilac bush in our backyard. I don’t remember it blooming before this year. It smells wonderful, even from across the yard. I think I am really going to enjoy this summer.

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