Spider Story

Yesterday Adrianna started crying frantically while she was sitting in her high chair and I was in the other room. It wasn’t one of her garden-variety, got a boo-boo on the finger cries, but rather a something-is-going-horribly-wrong cries. I ran into the room and found that there was a spider crawling around on my poor little baby girl.

To put this into perspective, she runs away from ants on the concrete if they get too close. Anyway, it was one of those common house spiders that can run at insane speeds, and it was using Adrianna for a race track.

When the whole ordeal was over, I don’t know if Adrianna was more tramautized by the spider, or by her spastic dad who was frantically swatting and brushing the spider away.

Sadly, the spider didn’t survive the incident.

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  1. janis says:

    lol I can just see Greg frantically swatting at the spider!

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