Vancouver Part 3

Friday, July 8th
Friday morning we woke up to rain. Surprise, surprise. We drove to downtown Victoria where we parked and then walked to the Dutch Bakery for breakfast. They had delicious homemade chocolates and other sweet treats which we were able to partake of as well.

After breakfast we went to a museum. I love museums. It is fun looking at historical items and wondering at how life was back in the olden days.

We caught a different ferry for our trip back to Vancouver. This one was further north so that we could take in more of the scenery that Vancouver Island had to offer. We had to wait an hour for the ferry, but this allowed me time to feed Adrianna in the privacy of the van. We also were able to walk around the dock where the ferry would be coming and we saw a ton of little jellyfish. I would’ve hated to have fallen into that water! Yikes. Then, Greg spotted what we at first thought to be some weird sort of flower. It turned out to be a basketball sized jellyfish. Clear on the outside and red on the inside. When it moved, the clear part fanned out and looked like flower petals. At the place where we were watching the jellies, there was a guy playing an Irish whistle. He was pretty good.

The ferry ride was both fun and scenic. There was live entertainment: a fiddle and guitar. The guitarist was from Ireland, and I could have listened to his Irish brogue all day. They were talented musicians and entertaining to listen to. While they were playing, I could see out a big window to the mountains at our left and the city in front of us. It was a wonderful site. Good music, great view. Adrianna also enjoyed the music as Grammy and Kristi took turns bouncing her on their knees.

Saturday, July 9th
On Saturday we were able to visit Regent College which is where Jeff attends school right now. We also visited the church where Jess currently works as an administrative assistant and is also where they attend services as well. I was really glad to see both places, as now I feel like I got a glimpse of their lives and will now be able to picture the different places they talk about much better.

Sunday, July 10th
We really didn’t have much time in Vancouver on Sunday, being as our flight was taking off at 7:55 a.m. I was really worried about having to go through customs again with Adrianna, so I made sure we had plenty of time just in case. This meant that we had to get up at 4:00 a.m. Jeff and Jess were gracious enough to get up that early and bring us to the airport. I was really sad to leave. This trip was one of the best vacations I have been on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I love hanging out with Greg’s family.

Well, getting through customs to go home to the States was a breeze compared to getting into Canada. I think the reason for this was that Greg and I are American citizens, so there was less cause for suspicion. The flight went well, and once again Adrianna proved how sweet-natured a baby she is. The passengers once again commented on how good a baby she is. hehe. Don’t we know it? 😉

Shad and Lynette picked us up at the airport. Aren’t they great? We are so excited that they are so close by now. We hung out all afternoon with them. We took them for lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery in thanks for their trek up to Denver to pick us up. Then we all came back to our house and played some Mario Kart and Crazy Uno. We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and Greg made everyone parfaits. *sigh* Life is good.

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