Barbara Ann

Adrianna says many words, but sometimes she says things that we don’t understand. So when she kept saying this afternoon, “I ba-ba-ba-ba” I didn’t think too much of it. Until Greg peaked his head over the balcony (he is upstairs working from home) and told me it was because she wanted to listen to Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys. I didn’t even know she had heard that song, but apparently she and Greg listened to it together last night when I was out with some friends having a girls’ night and she fell in love with it.

Sure enough, I turned on Barbara Ann and she was happy. In fact, we are still listening to it. I think we are on time #9. Each time the song ends and goes on to the next, Adrianna loudly says, “More ba-ba-ba-ba” or “I ba-ba-ba-ba.” (Anytime she says a sentence beginning in “I” she means “I want.”) So we keep listening to it. She has started saying the “ba-ba’s” along with the Beach Boys and is clapping along with the song.

And on to time #10. I asked her if we could listen to another song and she said, “No. Ba-ba-ba.”

You got me rocking and a rolling, rocking and a reeling, Adri-Ann(a).

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    There was another movie version of the Beach boys on t.v. several nights ago. Dad and I watched it. Thats funny she likes the beach boys, just like her mommy did 🙂

  2. Aunt Kristi says:

    So cute. I bet she would like the oldie “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (a-weem-a-way) too. Have you ever played that for her? I used to babysit for a kid that would go into an ecstatic frenzy whenever we listened to it (which was often).

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