First Bump

Today Adrianna received her first bump on her head. She was hungry and fussy, but her diaper beginning to leak so I went upstairs to change the diaper and her clothing before feeding her some dinner. As I sat her up to put on a fresh shirt, I was prepared to catch her in the event that she threw her head and body backwards, which she often does during her little temper fits. However, she threw me for a loop and thrust her head forward instead. I didn’t catch her in time and BUMP! Her forehead thumped the side bar on the changing table. Oh, how she cried.

I felt horrible! I immediately scooped her up into my arms to comfort her. My poor little baby.

After I started feeding her, she was totally fine and back to her normal, cheery, and talkative self. But every time I saw that little goose-egg on her forehead I just cringed. Now that several hours have passed, it looks much better, but she still has a little bump on her forehead.

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  1. jamie says:

    Ethan got his first little bruise on his face the other day. Javi was watching him while I was
    at work and he said that he was holding onto one of his toys and pushing it across the floor when
    the toy fell over and he fell ontop of it. There is a red mark right underneath his eye and it is
    slightly blue. Javi said he screamed and it bled a little. But Javi comforted him and then put hom
    to sleep. He is always a little more fussy when he´s sleepy. Im glad I missed the screaming part.
    Hate seeing his little eye though. I understand how you feel.

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