Phone Calls

Today our childcare provider called me. Adrianna was asking to talk to me on the phone. How it all came about is one of the older girls had been talking on the phone to her mom. When she was done, Adrianna brought the phone to Janette and said, “Mommy? Mommy?” So Janette called me. When she got me on the line, she asked Adrianna, “Do you want to talk to Mommy?” and I heard a VERY enthusiastic, “aaahh!” (That is her way of saying “Yeah”.)

So we “talked” on the phone which, as usual, consisted of me talking and her listening and smiling.

After Janette took the phone back, I could hear Adrianna say, “Mommy. Mommy.” I guess she wasn’t done talking to me yet. So we talked some more. It sure made me miss my baby girl. I am already looking forward to picking her up from childcare today.

Oh yeah, and it is snowing again today. On top of the snow that has been here since before Christmas. It is a rare thing for snow to stick around for so long here. Usually it dries up or melts within a few days of falling, but with a hefty snowstorm every Thursday/Friday these past few weeks, it just hasn’t had a chance to go away.

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  1. jamie says:

    how sweet. Ethan has really gotten into talking on the phone lately. He’ll say hola about 10 times, kiss the phone and then say adios. Pretty cute.

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