A Night at the Movies

Our anniversary is this weekend. We will be celebrating 7 years of marriage. I know I say this every year, but in some ways it seems like we have always been together (in a good way) and in other ways it is hard to believe it has already been 7 years.

We wanted to have a date this weekend, so we had our neighbor boys come over and watch Adrianna so Greg and I could go out. Adrianna was already in bed, so it was a pretty good job for them. They were excited to watch some Wrestling Smack-down on our big tv.

As for us, we went out to eat at Dave & Buster’s. While waiting on our table, we played some video games. Greg kicked my butt at the race car game and then I kicked some butt at a trivia game. I loved the trivia game and could have played all night. I am not good at Trivial Pursuit, but for some reason I am pretty good at these trivia games where speed is a factor. And multiple choice doesn’t hurt either. hehe.

After dinner we walked over to the movie theatre and watched A Night at the Museum. What a great movie; I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. I have always felt that my toys (especially stuffed animals) could come to life or that they had feelings, which is why I always feel sad when I see one in a thrift store or when I walk by one at a store. I feel like they are pleading at me with their eyes to rescue them. And Greg thinks I am crazy, but sometimes I get scared to go in the big cat house (aka tigers, leopards, etc) when there isn’t anyone else in there because I am afraid they might be planning an escape or takeover of the zoo. I swear, that tiger is always pacing and he has a crafty gleam in his eye. One time I walked into the cat house and the way the sunlight was hitting the glass somehow made it appear like there wasn’t any glass and that the tiger was just walking around, loose. My heart really started pounding until I saw the glass. Whew. That really was a scary moment.

Okay, I am done with that bunny trail. I just really loved the idea of the museum coming to life at night.

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