The Bearded Lady

Adrianna knows the names to many, many different body parts. She loves pointing to them on herself or on us and saying the name.

“Teeth?” She asks, while showing and pointing to her teeth.
“Yes, those are your teeth.”
“Teeth?” She asks again, while pointing to my teeth.
“Yes, very good Adrianna. Those are Mommy’s teeth.”

And so it goes, on and on.

She recently has learned a new word: “Bee-eh” which is her way of saying “Beard.” Greg has a beard and he taught her this word after she kept pointing at the beard on his chin.

Well, now she points to my chin and says, “Bee-eh.”

I will try and correct her, saying, “No, that is Mommy’s chin. Chin. Mommies don’t have beards. Daddy has a beard, but Mommies don’t have beards.”


Maybe I need to go look in the mirror and see if I have any stray chin hairs that need plucking…

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  1. Sophie says:

    I know what you mean… last year when Elizabeth was learning her shapes, she would point to various things in the house and call out the shape names: Square! Triangle! Circle! One day she came over to me while I was standing over the table, pointed to my bottom, and said to Daddy, “Look! It’s a really big circle!” Sheesh. Thanks kid! You gotta be tough to be a mom!

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