Christmas Dee, How Lovely Are Your Branches

Adrianna loves our Christmas tree. When we came downstairs on Sunday morning (after putting the tree up on Saturday night) she excitedly pointed at the tree and loudly exclaimed, “Dee! Dee!” She then had trees on her mind and pointed out most of the trees on our route to church.

She has been surprisingly good about not pulling off the ornaments. I think she is learning that the tree is off limits at her childcare lady’s house, which is translating nicely over to our tree here too.

The dogs mostly leave the tree alone. Although, if any of the small, wooden ornaments make their way onto the floor (I suspect with help from little toddler hands) they are considered fair game. The current score is dogs: 1; tree: 0.

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2 Responses

  1. cindy says:

    We call our Christmas tree “Aidan’s Tree” he will be screaming and we turn him toward the tree and almost instant mouth shut eyes wide!!

  2. jamie says:

    I cant believe Adrianna figured out how to get out of her pajamas. Are they the kind that zip in the front? Ethan cant even takes his diaper off yet. He’ll try sometimes when we’re trying to get him undressed for the tub but our taking too long and he’ll pull at the diaper and once he gets one side off he starts tryig to kick and wiggle out. Whining the whole time that he’s not already in the water swimming around. So when are you guys going for #2?

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