Christmas Eve, Or So the Calendar Tells Me

Today is Christmas Eve, but it didn’t really feel like it. Because of the huge snowstorm this past week and Adrianna’s RSV, we have been pretty isolated. We don’t have a lot of food in the house, so no fancy dinner. Adrianna is sick, so no company and no going anywhere, even if we had felt like going out on the treacherous roads. The mail was unable to be delivered for several days, so no presents had yet come. We weren’t even able to have the traditional Reimer family Christmas Eve dinner of waffles since we didn’t have enough makings for them. (We did have french toast though, which Adrianna just gobbles up like there is no tomorrow.)

I was admittedly and selfishly feeling pretty down yesterday about not having any packages under the tree that were for me. Sure, I knew I had one coming from the Reimer family secret santa gift exchange and another from my family when we celebrate with them in January, but I didn’t have anything to open for Christmas morning due to the snowstorm’s shipping and shopping delay. Thankfully I had done Adrianna’s shopping pre-snowstorm so at least she had a few. And she had one from her Grammy and Grampy that was shipped here pre-snowstorm too.

My sweet husband braved the icy and horribly dangerous roads yesterday to go grocery shopping. We were out of milk and bread, so this was much appreciated. Unbeknownst to me, he also bought me a gift, which he sneakily wrapped and put under the tree without me even seeing him do so. When I discovered it, I felt my mood immediately brighten. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve per se, but I have a sweet and thoughtful husband and a present to open tomorrow!

Even better, the post office and fedex employees delivered packages today to make up for lost time! On Sunday! I happened to see one of these kind souls on my way to my mailbox to pick up yesterday’s mail and wholeheartedly gave him my thanks. Because of this extra day of delivery, I received my package from my secret santa today!! So now I have two packages under the tree. I almost feel the excitement of a child again about opening my gifts tomorrow. I am thrilled to pieces.

Oh yeah, and it snowed some more today. Nothing substantial, but we still have this past week’s snow on the ground so we are getting a white Christmas. I think I’ll put on some Vince Guaraldi tomorrow to really get me in the Christmas-y mood.

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  1. cindy says:

    Merry Christmas Amber, Greg and Adrianna. Funny story, Kendall and i had frozen pizza last night, we were in the same boat, after driving 35 from cheyenne to laramie and 50 from Kimball to cheyenne due to bad weather, to get home to not much food! 34 has been closed all week, and well i do not want to go back on I-80 to see mom and dad… Karen is gone, so its just our family too, we have an invite to Gary’s families dinner, so we might take that up to have some good food! So dont feel too bad, we just get to have a GREAT christmas delayed, so the cheer will be spread out! 😀

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