No More Nursing

Well, I think I am done breastfeeding Adrianna. It wasn’t by my choice; it was by hers. The last few times I have attempted to nurse, she wasn’t too interested. Instead, I was given playful nips as she tried out her four little chompers. Ouch! Or, she would reach out her hand and tweak the nipple that wasn’t being used. That totally weirded me out. I am sure when she reads this in about 14 years she is going to be completely grossed out by this whole post. hehe.

I was hoping to continue breastfeeding until she was about a year old. I guess 9 months isn’t too bad though. I am pretty sad about this part of her babyhood being finished. No more will I get to hold her quite so close and see her big, blue eyes stare up at mine. I will also miss her little hand reaching up and gently patting my face as she eats.

Sure, she can still do some of those cute, little things while I feed her a bottle, but it just isn’t the same. It is so true when people say that breastfeeding is such a great bonding experience with your baby. An experience like none other.

When I first thought about the whole breastfeeding thing back when I was still pregnant, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Even the first time I fed Adrianna in the hospital I wasn’t sure about it. But after a few days, once my milk really came in, I didn’t mind it anymore (for the most part). Now, I am sad that it is over and done with. My baby is growing up.

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2 Responses

  1. Anja says:

    This post and the last one are so funny! I’m sorry you got bit and I’m sorry you have to
    give up nursing. It’s hard to let that go because kids grow up so fast. I nursed Keelin
    for 19 months. Liam has been biting me me all the time. I’m so afraid he’ll get teeth early
    and I might have to quit. Boys are so rough!!!! It will probably be hard for a week or so
    since you’ve stopped nursing. I was sad when Keelin was done. I had to keep telling myself
    that it’s good that she’s growing up…that’s what she’s supposed to do. That bonding
    experience that you have with her is all yours. It’s to most precious thing that you and her
    have been able to have.
    Adrianna will probably be so embarrassed by that. But parents will always have embarrassing
    stories to tell.
    Lately Keelin has been repeating things she hears on TV. I don’t even realize how much
    swearing is on…or how much they allow…even for family shows. Not to mention, what she
    hears from other people. She said “Who the hell are you?” because she heard that on TV. And
    she said “Damik” (you can guess what that is). That is so scary! Then she tops it off by
    saying, “Lady says who the hell are you but I don’t”. She thinks that she’s not saying it
    even when she repeats it.
    Oh, the challenge of terrible 2’s! Totally worth it though.

  2. Julie says:

    It’s not necessarily the end of an era. Maybe you can still get her to nurse at night or first thing in the morning. Or maybe it’ll just be a temporary thing? Either way, good luck and congrats on making it to 9 monhts!

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