“Mah-wy” Christmas

I am still feeling pretty down about having to cancel our Christmas plans with my family. Of course I know it was necessary due to Adrianna’s RSV, but I still cannot help but feel very disappointed. I was really looking forward to having a full house and seeing my family. It isn’t very often that ALL of us are together at one time. We are still going to try to celebrate a couple weeks later, but somehow I still feel sad about Monday.

I guess if I look at the positives, at least we will still get to celebrate with Adrianna. It will be fun to watch her open up her gifts. And since we will be celebrating in January with my family, I can leave my decorations up for a few extra weeks. I am sure Adrianna won’t mind. She loves our tree.

Adrianna and the Christmas Tree

She likes to point at and name the ornaments and lights.

“Yes, that is a ball.”
“Yes, that is a light.”

I know it sounds like we are stating the obvious with our conversations with her, especially since she already knows what the object is. But I have learned that she will continue to repeat the word over and over and over until we validate that yes, that is a dog. Or yes, that is a kitty. Kind of a reverse “What’s this? What’s that?” stage that toddlers go through.

Adrianna is very good at touching but not removing the ornaments (touching is okay), although we did have one incident today. She is not allowed to throw toys, but she is allowed to throw her toy balls. Today she ran into the kitchen and excitedly exclaimed, “Bah!” while throwing what turned out to be one of the round “ball” ornaments from the tree. In her defense, it was a ball after all. (Right now, she considers most circles to be “balls.”) Thankfully it didn’t shatter, but I do not know what happened to the hook. I will probably step on it tomorrow.

Adrianna now calls Molly “Mah-wy” instead of “Mom-mee.” This is nice, because it is less confusing for me. They are the best of friends.

Adrianna and Molly May

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  1. janis says:

    It is a let down for me too.

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