And Since We’ve No Place to Go

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Well, it is still snowing. The wind has died down some, but our entire backyard is one big snowdrift. Our dogs hate it, even after Greg has kindly braved the wind and snow several times today to shovel a little potty place and I put their sweaters on them to ward off the cold.

I would estimate that the amount of snow in our backyard has doubled since this afternoon. Chloe can stand on her back legs and still not see over the top, and she is a long little doggie. This picture just does not do the snow justice.

Greg and Chloe in the snow

Greg, as a prank, tossed Molly into the snow this afternoon. She instantly sunk down out of sight. All you saw was a little interruption of powder in the snowdrift. He quickly reached in and pulled her right back up, but it freaked me out.

Greg says that this snowstorm is knocking on the door of the one we had back in 2003. The entire hour of the local news tonight was devoted to this storm. Many people are stranded on the interstates and have been for hours. Some are claiming that this blizzard is one of the worst Colorado has had in a long time, even more so than the 2003 one based not on the actual snowfall but on the severity of the storm itself. It makes me thankful to be home with our cupboards stocked full of food.

I am also glad that Adrianna is doing okay. In fact, tonight showed vast improvement. I think it may have been in part to her long nap this afternoon, but she was more energetic than she has been in several days. And she is sleeping soundly now too, whereas last night we had to give her another nebulizer treatment right about this time.

Well, now I go to sleep. Glad to be in my warm bed with my dogs at my feet. Looking forward to peering out the windows tomorrow to see the snowfall.

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  1. Grandma Y says:

    Glad there is no snow here. only a little foggy. I am going to Will’s tomorrow, someone there will come and get me. How’s that for service? I will be glad when the Holidays are over. It is a depressing time for me since Grandpa is gone. I didn’t get any lights put outside and since it is getting so late, I probably will forget about it. I have a club meeting this afternoon so maybe that will cheer me up.

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