This week in Adrianna news

This week brings a few new things that Adrianna likes to do.

  • She likes to stick her fingers in my mouth. This is quite cute, but she sometimes scratches the bottom of my mouth which is painful. She likes it when I gently nibble on her fingers.
  • When we are changing her diaper, she chooses that time to roll over onto her belly. NOT a good time for a rollover. Not only is there a risk that she could roll off of the changing table, but it is near to impossible to change her when she doesn’t stay still and on her back. And of course there is always the risk of some rogue poopies or pee making a surprise appearance in the middle of the changing. ARGH. I get so frustrated with her at changing time now.
  • As always, she loves the dogs. Sometimes she will crawl up to them, saying, “Da!” The word “Da” is one of her favorites and is used in other situations as well.
  • Another favorite word is “Mum” or its longer version: “mumum.”
  • Her blocked tear duct (the one that has been blocked since her birth) appears to finally have cleared up. It has been replaced by an ever-running snotty nose. We have hopes that the nose will clear up when her ear infection has healed.
  • Adrianna gets up at 6:30 a.m. every morning. Not an easy thing for her late-to-rise parents, but at least she is consistent.

As a result of her getting up at 6:30 every morning, Greg and I take turns in regards to whose morning it is to get up with her. This morning, it was my turn. Here we are, catching an early morning nap. I was exhausted and so glad for a nap!
Adrianna and Mommy take a nap

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  1. Faith says:

    Ouch. It really does hurt when they scratch your gums or get the inside of your lip,but I’ll suffer through just to get a taste of sweet fingers while I can. 😀

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