There’s No Place Like Home

And we’re back. Whew, what a long day of traveling. Other than our flight being delayed a little because of rainy weather and then driving (crawling) through rainy, rush hour traffic, it was a relatively easy trip. Adrianna was very well behaved and slept for most of the plane ride. Even so, Greg and I are EXHAUSTED and are both already in bed even though it is not yet even 8:00. We need a vacation from our vacation.

We put Adrianna to bed but she is not ready to fall asleep yet and is just chattering away in her crib. I am sure her schedule will be off for a few days until we get back into our normal routines.

Adrianna was thrilled to ride on an airplane, train, and bus again. She also knows some new big words, including escalator (es-slayer), picnic (tit-nits), and Applebees (bappo-bees). She also talked about baby Charlie on our way home.

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  1. momma knows best says:

    Thats why I dont see you online and it is only 9:30, the usual time I see you. I prayed for you to get home safe 🙂 Does this mean we wont be making meeting to exchange the dogs tonight?

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