Does she even miss me?

Greg has all day meetings at his place of work today, so I got to pick up Adrianna from childcare. (Usually, Greg and I go together to pick her up because it is so much fun watching her face light up when she sees us.)

As usual, Adrianna was smiling really big as Janette came to the door with her. I am so pleased with our childcare situation. Janette was talking to Adrianna and laughing at her, and Adrianna laughed right back. Adrianna seems very happy there. It made me ponder out loud, “I wonder if she even misses me during the day when I am gone?”

After my comment, Janette told me that after Adrianna wakes up from her nap at around 2:30, she starts watching the front door for us. (Greg and I pick her up between 2:50 and 3:00.) So that made me feel a little better that, in spite of how much fun she is having at Janette’s, she at least looks forward to seeing us and our picking her up.

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