Adrianna the Pooh

Ah, Halloween. I haven’t had such an enjoyable Halloween evening since I was a kid and went trick-or-treatin’ myself.

Knowing Adrianna’s love for Winnie the Pooh, I bought her a Pooh Bear costume. When I gave it to her at the store, she hugged it to herself and kissed his face (the hood) many times.

When it came time to actually wear the Pooh bear costume though, it was a different story. She was not a happy Pooh at first.

Adrianna the Pooh

But then Mommy held her little bear for awhile and that cheered her up some.

Adrianna and Amber

We only trick-or-treated at one house – our friends’ house across the street. Then it was back to our house to enjoy the plunder and hand out candy to all the ghosts and goblins that came our way.

Greg and Adrianna

Handing out candy

After awhile, Adrianna got wise to the process. The doorbell rings, kids hold out bowls, Daddy gives them candy. So she started walking up behind Greg, holding out her bowl for him to put candy in too.

Handing Out Candy

After awhile, Pooh Bear was tired of trick-or-treating and decided to read nursery rhymes instead.


We ran out of candy before 7:00 even came around. Every year we have a ton of candy and Greg is afraid we are going to end up with lots of leftovers. So he is very generous to the first wave of kids. And every year we run out of candy early. hehe.

So what is up with the teenagers going door to door who don’t even attempt to wear a costume. Ugh. I don’t even want to give them candy, except that I also don’t want my house egged overnight either. I don’t mind giving candy to teens who dress up and are polite though or who are watching younger children. Kudos to them.

Also, when I was young, we knew that you only knocked on the doors of homes where the porch light was on. Do kids not get taught this anymore? We were still getting our doorbell rang at nine o’clock and our porch light was not on. I was pretty ticked, especially since Adrianna was already in bed and each doorbell ring set our dogs to barking.

Well, those gripes aside, we had a very pleasant evening. After Adrianna was in bed, Greg and I watched Heroes and Scrubs. Did anyone catch the last couple minutes of Heroes? Our tivo cut it off and I just know I missed something important about the painter!

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4 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, sad Pooh breaks my heart!! The picture of her attempting to score candy off of Daddy is adorable. I agree, this was the first really fun Halloween in years. It’ll be even more fun next year when she’s old enough to say “trick or treat”!

  2. janis says:

    ahhhh adrianna looked very cute as pooh!!

  3. cindy says:

    Hey Amber, neat that Adrianna, Aidan, and Layla were pooh! hehe i couldnt find a real costume small enough for them but they go to go to my work costume party!! Adrianna is a smarty, taking candy from dad and not having to go door to door. We bought 40$ of candy(never send boys out to get candy) and ended up with only 6 kids coming, one we knew so he got a lot. so Candy for every meal a week straight for me!

  4. Kristi says:

    Thanks for the pictures! Adrianna is adorable, even when she’s not a happy bear.

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