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Well, it is official. I am now working full-time again as of October 2nd. This means that I am no longer a contract worker but have been “officially” rehired as a company employee again. Even though I have worked there continuously for over five years, I still have to go to a new hire orientation this week. Yippee. Well, at least I might get some SWAG (Stuff We All Get / promotional items).

I am going to continue working these really early hours though so that I can be home in the early afternoon to spend time with Adrianna. Although I am a little bummed to give up the flexibility I had in working part-time, I am also excited to be brought back on full-time. I love my new manager and my team. I also am liking my new digs – I have a supervisor cubicle now. This means that I have an extra-large cubicle with high walls. It affords a little more privacy and a little less distraction and noise.

The only downside to my job situation is that my friend Ann recently left the company for a job at her old company (which happens to be the same place that Greg works.) Her new job will allow her to work from home, take away the awful commute she had, and ultimately give her a lot more time with her son. I am happy for her great situation, even though I miss her tons and get sad when I see her empty workspace.

My manager is going to make me a supervisor/tech lead over the people we will be hiring to help me develop automated forms. I am so thrilled. He is also going to let me play a part in the interviewing process (for which I am very nervous) and also assist with creating a new job description for our team. I had tried to get a new job description presented to HR a couple years ago because the one we had really undermined what we really spend a majority of our time doing: development. I also have been playing the role of tech lead for awhile now, so it will nice to be able to make it official. The fact that my new manager has been so good about letting me be involved with all of this is really going to work in his favor too, because you know that I will be doing my darndest to make sure that I work hard and try to exceed expections. A little praise, appreciation, or respect thrown my way really motivates me.

I could go on and on about how happy I am with work right now. It seems like I come home every day now with a smile pasted on my face. As I share some of the new things going on at work with Greg, sometimes I cannot help but squeal with joy and hop up and down a little. I love my job a little too much, I think.

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  1. Jen says:

    Congratulations! That’s really exciting 🙂

  2. janis says:

    I am really happy for you Umber!!!

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