The Key (Kitty) Says, “Aah-hhh”

One show that Adrianna will somewhat pay attention to is America’s Funniest Home Videos. She especially likes the babies (baba), dogs (dah!), and kitties (key). Everytime she sees one of those three, she will excitedly point at the screen while she announces their name.

Sometimes when pointing out dogs or cats, she will identify them by making the sound that they make. It is still “Boof Boof” for dogs and “aah-hhh” for kitties.

Watch her expressions as she watched some videos of cats tonight. She was totally into it.

Adrianna watches a kitty on tv

Adrianna watches a kitty on tv

Adrianna watches a kitty on tv

Adrianna watches a kitty on tv

Of course, once she notices that I have the camera, she is distracted.

Can I have the camera please?

Proud of controlling the remote (just don’t tell her that it doesn’t work for this tv). I love this picture too because it shows off all her little baby teeth.

Adrianna controls the remove


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3 Responses

  1. cindy says:

    she is getting so big!!! real cute pictures amba!!

  2. jamie says:

    She’s so cute and funny. The other day Ethan was hiding our keys and then he’d come over and do his arms in the I don’t know position (you know what I mean?) and go uh? so we’d say, Wear are the keys sweetie? And he’d run and get them for us. It was pretty cute. He still doesnt say much so Im always impressed with how much Adrianna says.

  3. janis says:

    She is so cute!!!

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