Thursday 13 – Good Things About My Surgery

Thirteen Good Things about My Surgery

  1. Getting to sleep in every day
  2. Getting to take lots of naps (vicoden makes you sleepy)
  3. Not having to change any diapers for a few days
  4. Haven’t had to cook dinner since Sunday
  5. My sweet husband waited on me hand and foot the first couple of days
  6. Haven’t cleaned house since Sunday (scary!)
  7. Taking a break from work
  8. Not much of an appetite, except for sweets or mac-n-cheese
  9. Watching lots of tv (Love my tivo)
  10. Having time to sit around and read my new book
  11. Glad that I am still able to watch, hug, and kiss my sweet baby, even if I cannot pick her up yet
  12. Finally seeing/feeling progress in the healing process
  13. Thankful that I haven’t needed any painkillers today

I got this idea from Faithful Mommy‘s site, who also participates in a weekly Thursday 13.

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  1. Janis says:

    and number 14 is: Now you have more time to play solitaire showdown with me! 🙂

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