Visible Movement

Our baby has gotten so active with her kicks that I can now see visible movement sometimes when I look at my belly. It is so amazing! Last night, Greg and I were watching Alias, which is one of our favorite shows that usually has me glued to the tv screen due to the unexpected plot twists. But I just couldn’t take my eyes off of my belly, just waiting for the next kick. I would have to say that feeling her move (and now seeing it too!) is my favorite part of being pregnant. Just the thought of there being a life inside of me is too much for my simple mind to fully comprehend. Not only is there new life, but this new little being is going to be a part of myself and a part of Greg. Who is she going to resemble? What personality traits will she have? I am in awe of this little one, and cannot wait to meet her.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    well i can bet she will be pretty tall. better buy her a basketball at a young age…hehe. i updated my blog check it out! about time huh?

  2. Karen (little girl #1) says:

    That’s cool Amber! I can’t wait to actually meet my new little niece! I will be an aunt twice over! YAY! Oh, and I think I might check out those books you were talking about as I have more time now that I got the job at the bank…(if you didn’t know bout this…check my blog!!!) Love you both!

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