DVR fiasco

This weekend we purchased a Tivo unit. They are only 1/4 the normal cost (after rebate) right now, so it is a really good deal. I am hoping to use it to record the programming that I normally like to watch so that it will free me up to watch it on my schedule. And also get Adrianna on a better eating schedule. My goal is to have us start eating dinner at the dinner table rather than in front of the tv so that we can get Adrianna accustomed to this as well. But most of the best programs are on at about the time we get around to eating dinner. So the tivo thing should allow us to do this.

We got the tivo home and started to go through the whole setup and configuration process. It turns out you have to have an active phone line to go through the setup. You don’t need it once the system has been setup. But I was really frustrated that you would need it for setup. This is 2005, and a lot of people, including us, do not have landlines anymore. We use cell phones. This would also include my family and many of our close friends. ARGH.

So, we decided to cancel the tivo and go through Comcast. We get our cable from them anyways and they have a DVR service as well. So I canceled tivo this morning we got the Comcast order going and are scheduled to have someone come out on Saturday to get us all hooked up.

Then, tonight, Greg decided that perhaps he would want to give the tivo another try. He isn’t crazy about the front-end usability that comcast offers and is hoping that tivo is better in that respect. Plus, we have heard lots of good things about tivo. Greg had done some research online about how to get around the whole landline needed to set it up. When I had given the reason for our earlier cancellation of tivo (no landline) the lady on the phone had also mentioned an alternate way as well. Funny how they save that information until you are canceling. Anyways. So now, Greg is working on hooking up the tivo again. Hope it works. Guess if it does, I will be on the phone tomorrow morning with Comcast to cancel the DVR order now. *sigh*

In case you couldn’t tell, we can be pretty indecisive sometimes. 😉

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