Re-org at work

Wow, my first re-org at Corporate Express. Sun experiences them quite often, and I am sure our I.T. departments here do too, but this is the first one to ever effect me directly. I must say though that I am excited for the change. Maybe this new director will be more lenient about employees working from home or working part-time. (Hey, I can dream, right?) And speaking of dreaming, maybe there will be room in this new organization’s budget to up our pay to what we should be making.

One bummer thing we also learned today is that there is a possibility that our whole team will be moving to another building. This other building will not be quite as convenient for us – there is no on-site cafeteria, slower intranet, it is not right off the highway, and it is farther away from Sun which makes carpooling for Greg and I not quite as convenient. I sure hope we do not get moved. I am pretty spoiled here right now and I don’t want that to change!

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