Please tell me I heard wrong

So I am just sitting here at my computer like I do most evenings after Adrianna is in bed. My computer sits right next to a window in our upstairs loft, which I have open right now due to the welcomed coolness of the evening night air. All is quiet, peaceful. Crickets are chirping. Greg is reading a book in bed, the dogs are sleeping at my feet.

So when I heard a noise that sounded like water hitting the ground, my first reaction was to look around me in confusion. I quickly got up from my chair to see if Greg was in the bathroom running water, but no, he was still in bed reading Cryptonomicon. (Man, I cannot believe I remembered and spelled that right on the first try. Just don’t ask me to pronounce it.)

It was after I got up from my chair that I realized where the sound was coming from. Outside my opened window. This all happened so fast, so the noise was still going. Then I distinctly heard the shakes. ShakeShake. Well, I didn’t hear the shakes of course, but I heard the results of the shakes.

It was then that I realized it had to be a man peeing outside the window.

Gross, gross, gross!

That has got to be what it was. Nothing else makes sense. Anyone who is a man or is married to one knows about or has overheard the characteristic shake, shake, so I am convinced that is what I heard. I am assuming it is the next door neighbor. Due to the shortness of the event and the late hour, I doubt very much that it was a garden hose.

This is from the same neighbor’s house that provided the bomb scare at 1:45 a.m. back in May.

You may not believe it, but we really do live in a decent neighborhood. Really, we do. So I keep telling myself.

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  1. Julie says:

    Maybe he was just pouring out a can of soda or something. If you try really hard you might be able to convince yourself of that and sleep easier.

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